8 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Succulents Alive

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Succulents are the easiest plants to grow, however, they still need some care and proper maintenance. So, here are some tips to help you keep them alive.

1. Give Them Breathing Room

Yes, that succulent terrarium looks adorable, but forget about it. You’ll have way more luck keeping your plants outdoors, exposed to the elements.

2. Provide Some Shade

Most succulents need sun protection. Forget about the belief that succulents need hot temperatures and full sun exposure. If you want to expose your succulents to the brightest sun, go for plants that are red, gray, blue, or covered densely with spines.

3. Start with the Right Soil

Use a fast-draining cactus mix. Or, if you’re of the DIY persuasion, amend a traditional potting soil with coarse perlite, crushed lava, or pumice.

4. Low-water isn’t No-water

Most common problem when it comes to succulents. Maybe you killed your succulents by overwatering them, or maybe you have dehydrated them and you are asking yourself what is the problem. So, you’ll be fine if you water small pots about once a week during dry times, and large pots every two weeks.

5. Include Drainage

Remember—succulent roots hate excess water. Make sure there’s drainage in your container. In pots without drainage, add just a little water!

6. Succulents Need Food, Too

A once-yearly feeding is enough. Use any well-balanced organic fertilizer, cut the dose in half, and feed at the beginning of the plant’s growing season for best results.

7. Rethink Propagation

When you’ve got a plant you like, pluck a stem and let it dry out in the shade for at least 3 days. This process, known as healing, helps form a callus, preventing rot. Place your new stem in the soil mix mentioned above.

8. Beware of Frost

Most succulents can not live through frost. When in doubt, assume that any drop below freezing will call damage or death to your plant. The easiest solution for frost protection is to keep plants in containers that are light enough to move indoors or under awnings when a frost is coming.

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