8 Gardening Mistakes You Make Every Fall

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Learn these mistakes and save yourself a lot of extra work this fall!

Usually, when fall comes, things are starting to get away from you, especially when it comes to gardening. You are getting kinda negligent about weeding process or procrastinate cleanup, sometimes this process last until spring comes.However, this doesn’t have to happen. You can stay on track and make your job so much easier, so when spring arrives you will have the healthiest garden. We present you some of the most common mistakes gardeners make and a good advice on how to improve them.

You Stop Weeding According to Mason Day, the worst thing you can do is throw weeds in the trowel and leave them for winter to beat into submission. Mason Day is an all time grower and co-founder of the social gardening app So, after a summer and a great season of keeping your weeds down, make sure you don’t let your garden go away.

You Don’t Trim Back Perennial Grasses Don’t ever forget to cut back dead foliage on your perennials. If you want tidy flower beds do this so you won’t have problems next spring. “ Day says.

But You Do Prune Your Bushes Don’t make your plants lose energy by cutting back branches in fall into the process of regrowing. Since pruning stimulates  new growth, plants need to be conserving resources by doing dormant for winter. You don’t want to weaken your plants, or worse, you don’t want to raise the risk of dying of your plants. Wait patiently until late winter or early spring, and then do the cuts. This why, you not only start the process of regrowing, but also you wake them up from winter slumber.

You Leave Leftovers To Rot

One of the most common things most planters do. Don’t do this, don’t leave your veggies in places you think you can just plow them under next year. This way, they create an eyesore during the off-season, as well as attracting pests and diseases to visit your garden.  Day says.

You Don’t Plant Your Spring Bulbs

If you are with a plan to plant spring-blooming flowers, such as: daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, make sure to do this ahead and put the bulbs in ground before the first hard frost. These need a long cold period in order to initiate the biochemical process that make them develop roots and causes bloom.

You Forget To Divide Your Perennials

Planting perennials is not a once-and-done process. If you did this, don’t be disappointed when you hear that they need TLC in autumn. As Day says, perennials should be divided when fall comes in order to rejuvenate and give more life to the plant so they keep blooming.  he says.

Another positive thing is when you divide them into bunch of small ones, means you can put several in other parts of your garden. Yet, you shouldn’t divide all perennials every year, and there are some which should never be divided.

You Stop Planting Too Early

If your leaves start turning, wait and don’t put your gardening gloves right away. There are a lot of crops that need cold temperatures. Some of those are spinach, lettuce, kale, and radishes. All of these have short growing season and mature before a fatal frost periods. Day says.

You Don’t Plant A Cover Crop

Don’t associate cover crops with a large-scale operation of farming. However, you should think about planting them in your home garden.  These are crops intentionally planted to restore nutrients in soil and suppress weeds like clover and buckwheat. Have in mind to get them in ground four weeks before the first frost.

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