8 Great Ways to Use Recycled Wine Corks in the Garden

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If you drink wine, you might have a few corks lying around. You never know when they’ll come in handy, after all. Well, we’re about to give you some reasons to actually collect those corks. There are actually a whole slew of ways you can use them in your garden.

Just make sure they’re the natural, organic kind (not plastic or silicone). Ready? Let’s go!

1. Mulch

Shred those corks with a knife or in a blender, and you can make fantastic mulch with them. The natural material will break down over time, and help hold in moisture. Try it in on your outdoor garden or potted plants.

2. Plant Markers

Can’t remember what you planted where? No problem! Make your own plant markers out of skewers and corks.

3. Compost

Yes, those natural corks will compost just fine. No reason to waste them by throwing them in the trash!

4. Build a Fairy Garden

Corks are useful for building yourself an adorable fairy garden, just like this one. It works great as a pathway lining!

5. Save the Bees

Did you know that bees can drown in standing water, such as a bird bath or rain barrel? Throw in some corks and they’ll have a safe place to land.

6. Build a Birdhouse

Not a gardening use exactly, but you could certainly place an adorable cork-made birdhouse in your garden.

7. Stepping Stones

Use those leftover corks to make unique stepping stones for your garden path.

8. Make a Planter

With wine corks, you can make some adorable planters for your indoor or outdoor plants. Use your imagination to come up with different shapes.

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