8 Nifty Uses For Baby Powder In The Garden

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Whether you use baby powder on your grandchildren or on yourself, you probably have some  and it is probably more than you need. Luckily, for us gardeners, this excess powder can be used to great effect in our gardens. Keep scrolling to learn the amazing uses.

1. Keep Ants at Bay

Ants are not the worst pest you can possibly find in the garden, but all of you know that the more tempting you landscape is, it is more likely that ants will crawl here and find a way to get into your house. Luckily, baby powder can really help with this problem. Sprinkle around your foundation, doorways and other places where you have spotted ants. Ants hate baby powder and they will get out and find another places to crawl, away from your home.

2. Deter Aphids

These sap-sucking plant killers are friends with ants. This is because some ants protect and feed on the milk these aphids produce and they can even carry eggs from plant to plant. So, if you keep your ants away, aphids will be gone too. Sprinkle baby powder around your flowers if you have noticed aphids.

3. Banish Beetles

Another common garden insect which is annoying is the Japanese beetle. Baby powder can help with this pest too and it will stop these beetles from coming and destroying your plants. Sprinkle baby powder onto the leaves, then reapply after it rains, just until the season of beetles is gone.

4. Discourage Rabbits 

No matter how cute and adorable rabbits are, when they come to our garden and put their paws on it, they eat our younger plants and seedlings. This is no good whatsoever. Therefore, adding baby powder to your plants and seedlings will discourage rabbits and the plants will be off the dinner menu.

5. Make Gloves Gentle

Have you ever noticed how at the end of a day of gardening, your gloves are hard to take off and/or leave your hands red and raw? Well, baby powder will help. All you have to do is sprinkle some inside the gloves before you put them on and go to work. They will slip off a lot easier at the end of the day, and will leave your skin feeling baby soft, too.

6. Make Tools Less Rough

There is one more way you can protect your hands at work in order to prevent spades, shears, and shovels from giving you blisters. If you coat them in baby powder it will protect your hands from the roughness will adding some gentle friction to prevent them from slipping from your grasp.

7. Freshen up Your Footwear

During a long and hard day of gardening, it is obvious that you will end up sweating quite a bit. To freshen up your boots, just add some baby powder to the soles to soak up moisture and prevent both stink and mold.

8. Baby Your Bulbs

Small seedlings can be babied with baby powder too. Give your small seedlings some extra protection from pests and make a baby powder bath before you plant them in the ground. Place the bulbs in a plastic zip-top bag and add 3 tablespoons of baby powder and shake.

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