9 Best Root Vegetables For Containers

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Learn how to grow 9 best root vegetables that are easy and fast growing, in containers without a garden in your balcony, patio or rooftop.

Growing these root vegetables is easy. Not only the edible roots you also get the chance to eat their nutritious and tasty green tops. Cook them or use them fresh and raw in salads.

A general tip for all kinds of root crops is that the soil needs to be loose enough for them to send down roots. If the soil is compacted or rocky, the roots will become distorted and forked. If you have extremely poor soil, you will be better off growing root crops in a raised bed. You could devote one section of your vegetable garden to this raised bed and rotate your root crops in it, throughout the season.


Beets are considered a root crop, but the leaves are edible too. Probably the hardest thing about growing beets is thinning the plants. Like their cousin Swiss chard, the seeds form in clusters and if you don’t break the clusters apart, the sprouted seeds will be too crowded to develop into bulbs. The good news is that you can eat any plants you thin. The tender greens are a great addition to salads and stir-fries.



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