9 Fall & Winter “Things” You Should Be Doing In The Garden

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Gardening is a year round activity that requires consistency and determination. And the best part is we get to see and taste your homegrown food, but why is it only in spring and summer?

You should know that there are plenty of things you can do to extend the season or prepare for the next one.

One of the best things you can do is take some action in fall and winter. Below are 9 quick and easy things to do in the garden.

9 Fall & Winter “Things” You Should Be Doing In The Garden

  • Know Your Zone – Your so called “grow zone” will tell you when you can do some task or activity.
  • Mulch – Try and provide moisture and nutrition for the soil to keep weeds down.
  • Bulb Maintenance – This includes digging and storing.
  • Extend Your Growing Season – Consider a hoop greenhouse or “tunnels“ in order to extend the growing season.
  • Cold-season Veggies – Here are included: kale, beets, spinach and more
  • Autumn Tilling – I advise you to add more compost.
  • Fabric Coverings
  • Protect Young Trees & Shrubs – It is advisable to minimize Winter plant injury
  • Winter Weed Control

Follow these ways and focus on improving your soil year after year. Only then you will notice improvement!

Source: plantcaretoday.com

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