9 Houseplants You Can Totally Neglect

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Do you feel like you need some plants that require minimal care? You can’t keep up with your indoor or outdoor garden? Take a look at these 9 houseplants you can totally neglect!

1. Succulents

Succulents are so trendy nowadays, not only because of their great shapes and hues but their leaves too! Succulent’s leaves store water and only require watering once-twice per week. They come in many varieties, but most of them enjoy sunlight and dry air.

2. ZZ plant

These amazing plants grow in tall stalks of deep green leaves and love to be left alone. They prefer moderate levels of sunlight, but they can also tolerate low light. They prefer to stay on the dry side and thrive well on neglect!

3. Pothos

Since this plant is quite hardy, people choose it often. It can deal with low light, and won’t be bothered if you let the soil dry out.

4. Ponytail palm

This amazing palm has skinny leaves that sprout from a thick stalk, where it stores water.

5. Snake plant

This easy-to-care plant is a popular choice for many homes.

6. Air plants

These spidery plants don’t even need soil to thrive; you can literally hang them in midair, place them in a decorative vase, or prop them up on a shelf. You should water every 10 days or so.

7. Begonias

These lovely spring and summer plants need dry soil in order to be watered again, and require even less watering in the winter.

8. Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen can stand a lot. These plants can tolerate low to medium light. Water when you notice soil is dry.

9. Cast-iron plant

This low-growing plant can stand up to tough conditions! Water when you notice soil is dry, however, they can live through a drought too!

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