9 Secrets To Get More Fruit From Your Garden

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Knowing how to get the most out of each growing season can be tricky. If you’ve done everything you can and you still aren’t getting the yields you want, try some of these tips to boost your garden’s health.

1. Don’t Be Hasty

You should know that standard fruit trees need anywhere from 5-7 years before they are ready to produce. If you notice that your plants are producing flowers before enough time has passed, pick the blooms off.

2. Go With Dwarfs

If you don’t want to wait several years to get fruit from your garden, consider planting dwarf varieties of your favorite trees. These trees also don’t require as much space, making them perfect for gardeners who want to grow their own fruit but don’t have a lot of land

3. Prune As Needed

You should train fruits in their first few years of growing into the shape you want them to be. You should prune at the end of winter before the tree comes out of dormancy.

4. Root Suckers and Water Sprouts

Many people do this mistake by allowing their plants to keep as much new growth as possible, however,  it is important to recognize that not all growth is good growth.  The production of flowers and fruit require a huge investment of nutrients and energy from your plants so you want to be certain that these resources aren’t being wasted where they aren’t needed.

5. Know Your Soil

If you aren’t sure what kind of soil you have, it’s always better to test samples from around your trees and shrubs.  Once you know what’s missing, you can amend the soil to boost future fruit production.

6. Check For Parasites

While some pests leave obvious signs like cocoons or chewed up leaves, others can be much better at hiding their presence.  Root parasites, bacteria, viral infections, fungus, and insects burrow beneath the bark of trees. Yuu should ask gardening experts that will help you with this problem.

7. Proper Pest Control

For a healthy growing environment without the presence of pests and diseases, you need to ensure that the soil conditions are right for your plants.  Also, try to limit the growth of weeds inside the drip line around each plant.   Remove and promptly destroy any dead limbs or parts of the tree infected with fungus to prevent the spread of disease in your garden. And, of course apply the proper amounts of natural insecticides or find ways to attract natural predators to keep these issues away.

8. Encourage Pollination

Trees can’t pollinate their neighbors without help.  Beneficial animals like bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bats are a few of the top pollinators, as are some species of ants and beetles.  That’s why it is very important to keep your garden hospitable for wildlife. The lack of bees can affect your fruit yields negatively and result in an imbalance in the micro-environment of your garden.

9. Harvest Everything

This is perhaps the easiest advice to follow when it comes to growing successful fruit trees.  Make sure to pick all of the fruit that your garden grows and let your plants know that you just can’t get enough!

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