9 Ways Container Gardening Is Just Plain Better Than Traditional Gardening

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Anyone who has a traditional garden knows that it is a treasure indeed. Therefore, many gardeners wouldn’t have it any other way. However, the modern era with its alternative techniques, like square-foot or raised beds have made their way to the forefront.

One such alternative is container gardening that have challenged gardeners. Lack of space is one of the main reasons for the popularity of container gardening, and it brings many positive benefits as well.

Now, let’s see why in some cases container gardening is a lot better option than traditional gardening:

1. No weeding necessary

There is some serious labor needed in traditional gardening, and any gardener knonws it, including frequent weed pulling and hoeing under the hot summer sun. Vegetables in containers, on the other hand, are generally grown in sterile potting medium. A stray weed may occasionally find its way to the container, and this is normal to happen, but weeds are rare and easily dispatched.

2. Easy on the back

If you are having frequent problems with your back every time you grab a shovel or hoe, you might need a break. Container gardening is easy on the back, (and the knees, too). Container gardening is the answer for people who have had to give up the pleasure of gardening due to various physical limitations as well.

3. Decreased chance of disease

Container-grown vegetables certainly aren’t immune from disease, but plants in a well-drained container filled with lightweight potting mix tend to be less susceptible than those grown in the ground. Just ensure you are watering properly and remember that the soil should not be soggy, and you are good to go.

4. Reign in aggressive plants

If you’re concerned that a certain plant if planted in the garden will cause pest problems, then a container will control rambunctious growth. Mint and lemon balm are prime examples of amazing, aromatic herbs that will take over your entire landscape very quickly if they aren’t contained.

5. Control the weather! (Sort of)

Moving containers from one spot to another allows you to take advantage of sunlight or shade, or to provide shelter in case of an unexpected cold snap.

6. Fresh and convenient

Containers kept on a patio, deck or balcony are typically handy to the kitchen. Snip a few fresh herbs for dinner or harvest leafy lettuce or spinach and a juicy, ripe tomato for a delicious salad.

7. A no-till garden

Tilling isn’t only back-breaking work, but loosening the soil can unleash a monstrous amount of dormant weed seeds.

8. Containers are pretty 

If you are creative you can turn your container from boring to lovely, colorful and unique. Look for containers made of wood, glazed ceramic, plastic or concrete, each with their own set of advantages and a few drawbacks, too.

9. Vegetables are pretty, too

When it comes to growing veggies, it’s a nice bonus that many vegetables are also highly decorative. Bright purple kale may be the queen of ornamental vegetables, but colorful veggies like chili peppers, bold rainbow chard, or bright purple eggplant add a real spark to the container garden.

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