Amazing Gardening Advice For Travelers

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Going on vacation? Great! You’ve worked hard and finally you deserve to get away for a couple of days. Vacations always recharge the batteries, and provide the needed rest. For gardeners, however, planning a vacation always adds an extra thought– how will you handle the task of watering plants while you are on a vacation? How can you enjoy your time away if you’re concerned that your carefully planned garden will be  dying by the time you come back? Here are a few helpful advice for gardeners who travel.

Out of Town Garden Care

If you’re going to be gone for more than a couple of days, ask somebody to provide the needed plant care. Make sure it’s somebody you can rely on, such as a friend or neighbor – preferably someone who understands gardening and plant care. Or,  work a deal to trade favors with a fellow gardener. Provide them with special instructions, like the watering schedule and tips for taking care of the plants, including regular deadheading. Tell that personif it’s okay to harvest vegetables or pick bouquets. If you plan to travel a lot, it may help to incorporate a wider variety of xeriscape plantings in the garden. These low-maintenance plants need less water and will limit your need for worrying.

Garden Tips for Travelers

No one wants to come back home and see their garden dying. You can always take a chance by asking someone else to look after your amazing garden; however, if you take the extra effort to prepare your garden beforehand, you won’t have to do this. The following tips for traveling gardeners will help you  keep plants alive and well while you’re gone:

Tidy up before you go. Pull weeds and clip yellowing or dead leaves. Deadhead any spent blooms. Give aphids or other pests a dose of insecticidal soap spray. Healthy plants are able to tolerate a few days of stress. Water everything beforehand. Give your garden a thorough watering. Consider having a drip irrigation watering system, particularly if you’ll be gone for an longer period of time. Even if a friend or neighbor can provide plant care while you are away, a watering system will guarantee your plants are watered. If a watering system isn’t in your budget, a soaker hose and an automatic timer is also a great alternative. Mulch around plants. A layer of organic mulch is a great help, because mulch will keep roots cool, preventing moisture evaporation and control growth of weeds. When applying mulch, limit this to three  inches or less if you have slugs or snails. Hold off on mowing. Soak your lawn very good before you go and remember that healthy lawns don’t need frequent watering to survive. As tempting as it may be, don’t cut the lawn just before you go, since longer grass can tolerate dry conditions better than a freshly mowed lawn.

Container Plant Care While on Vacation

Container plant care is a big challenge, because containers dry out quickly. During the peak of summer, container plants may die if they aren’t watered regularly. If you can, move containers and hanging plants into shade while you are away, then soak the plants thoroughly just before you go. If you’re going to be gone for a few days, put the plants in a plastic kiddie pool with an inch or 2 of water in the bottom. This will keep plants moist for about a week. Have in mind that mulch isn’t just for in-ground plants, as one to two inches or bark chips or other organic material on top of the potting soil will slow down moisture evaporation.

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