Amazing Low Water Landscaping Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss

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Water is one of the crucial elements in garden landscaping. But what happens if you cannot maintain water in dry areas? Well, then of course an option will be a no water or low water garden. And guess what, low water landscaping is getting quite popular nowadays and this is all because of its easy maintenance.

So, how about you try to make one such garden? It’s quite simple and don’t worry it can look wonderful too, even if you won’t be able to use too many flowers. Instead of them you can use succulents, which can be quite eye-catching thanks to their rich hues and textures.

Also, besides succulents you can use versatile types of shrubs and other plants that require little amount of water for growing well. And by adding versatile types of stones and pebbles you can turn any plain garden into a wonderful place. Below we have picked several low water landscaping ideas that you can get inspired from. Let’s check them out!

Useful Tips For Low Water Landscaping

  • Replace the grass with artificial grass, gravel or stones
  • Or maybe plant ornamental grasses such as Fountain Grass, Blue Oatgrass, Purple Fountaingrass, Pampas Grass etc.
  • Plant different types of succulents.
  • Or if you still want to plant some flowers, then opt for perennials such as Lavender, Yarrow, Russian Sage, Blanket Flower etc.

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