Amazing Small Rock Gardens You Would Definitely Love To Create!

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If you want to create a garden that is nothing like the typical flower beds, then you should keep on reading. Small rock gardens are nothing but adorable. They are very good looking and easy to create, so you would definitely consider having one of your own at your outdoor space.

Rocks are common garden decor material and they look great in combo with greenery and different plants. They can be found in different sizes and shapes and can be added in the garden in versatile ways.

The only disadvantage about rock gardens, may be that rocks can be heavier than the soil and can begin to sink into the ground. In this case, you can use smaller rocks and again create a beautiful garden.

Don’t forget that rock gardens are low maintaining as the rocks don’t fall apart if exposed to different weather conditions. Rocks are durable and won’t attract pests as well.

See the examples and get to work later!

Amazing Small Rock Gardens

Among the most popular plants planted in these rock gardens include: Ice Plants, Irish Moss, Euphorbia, Sedum, Violet Star, Lamium, Blue Fescue. All of these add colors to an unsightly slope and will make it look really eye-catching. Feel free to experiment or mix the flowers, simply use your creativity!

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