Beautify Your Home with One of These Affordable DIY Garden Globes

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Without having to spend money, you can make one of the most ideas and decorations.

These pretty DIY garden globes suit every design aesthetic and are surprisingly affordable to make.

Dogwood Globe

Make yourself a unique garden ornaments with a simple technique.

Wine Barrel Hoop Globe

Using metal wine barrel hoops you can make an industrial chic garden globe.

Faux Gazing Ball

Use flat backed glass marbles to create an inexpensive faux gazing ball !

Penny Ball


Spray Painted Wire Globes

This idea looks cool and classy, right?

Concrete Globes

You can’t go wrong with concrete garden globes.

Nail Polish Garden Globe

If you have a drawer full of colors that don’t quite work for you anymore, this project will put them to good use.

Grommet Globe

This stunning garden globe is decorated with the grommets from upholstery fabric samples.

Metallic Plastic Gazing Ball

This amazing project creates a pretty garden decoration that your kids can help you make.

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