This bright beautiful yellow flower decorates glades, forests and gives others a great mood. As a child, many girls wove a wreath and decorated themselves with this bright flower. Dandelion is a fairly common plant. Dandelion fertilizer has great plant benefits.

Dandelion flower meaning

Dandelion — valuable spring pollen and honeybee, gives bees a supporting bribe for 10-15 days.

This bright beautiful yellow flower decorates glades, forests and gives others a great mood. As a child, many girls wove a wreath and decorated themselves with this bright flower. Dandelion is a fairly common plant.

If dandelion grows in your backyard, it means that the indispensable fertilizer for the garden is under your feet. Dandelion fertilizer will enrich your plants with all the necessary trace elements.

Dandelion flower meaning

Green dandelion fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers from plants are widely used in organic farming. They can be used both for water under the root, and for spraying on the leaves.

Green dandelion leaves are rich in nitrogen. Dandelion flowers are rich in copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, boron, and the plant’s roots contain up to 30% inulin and 15% protein.

Dandelion fertilizer recipe

  1. Collect dandelions with roots
  2. Prepare the container. A bucket or a large old pot will do
  3. Fill the tank with water to 1/3. You can use rainwater.
  4. Covered with dandelions, stir and tamp it down
  5. Cover the bucket with a lid or wrap.
  6. make sure to make several holes so that the mixture can breathe.
  7. Leave in the sun for 7-14 days.

dandelion fertilizer

Next, the fermentation process will begin and on the 5th-6th day, the mixture will start to emit a flavor similar to cow dung. If the weather is cold, the fertilizer is infused for a very long time. The finished infusion should not have an unpleasant smell and signs of fermentation. When the mixture gets a dark color and is no longer foaming, the green manure is ready.

How to make dandelion fertilizer

After 1 week, you can use it.

For watering under the root, use an infusion diluted with water 1:10. To spray the leaves, use an infusion diluted with 1:20. To enhance the effect, you can add a handful of sifted wood ash for every 10 liters of solution.


What are the benefits of green fertilizers?

 Absorbed by the plant immediately and quickly

 Due to the alkaline reaction of the solution, the acidity of the soil decreases

 Many microorganisms enter the soil, whose vital activity enriches and protects the soil.

Dandelion yellow for humans

The researchers determined that Dandelion has a biological property with an effect similar to some weight loss pills, and recommended further research. Two cups of dandelion tea can start the process by removing excess water and gas that causes bloating.

Removes toxins from the liver

While companies claim that countless substances and supplements can remove toxins from the body, dandelions have this property proven by science.

Offers a healthy alternative to coffee

Whether you’re cutting back on your caffeine intake or want to switch to dandelion tea because of its many health benefits, Dandelion will be a delicious substitute for your morning cup of coffee. Dandelion “coffee” is actually tea made from roasted plant roots instead of flowers or leaves.

Helps with all kinds of stomach problems

One of the first diseases that people treated with dandelion was an upset stomach. Traditionally, dandelion is widely used as an auxiliary agent for the digestive system. It is said to stimulate a healthy appetite, relieve constipation, and soothe nausea.

Fills the body with vitamins and minerals

In addition, dandelion tea is full of valuable vitamins and nutrients. Dandelion provides a good dose of vitamins A, B, C, and D, and increases levels of calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. The roasted roots used in dandelion coffee contain beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. In a word, the plant is a nutritionist’s dream.


How to make dandelion tea?

Collect 20 dandelion yellow flowers and separate the petals from the green parts of the plant by plucking them at the base of the flower. Place the petals in a one-liter jar and add as much sugar as you want.

Pour one cup of boiling water over it and let the mixture soak in until it cools down to room temperature. Refrigerate until the flowers sink to the bottom of the jar. Strain the concentrated tea into another container and discard the flowers. Return the dandelion tea concentrate to the jar and cover with cold water to add a liter.