Get Rid of Mold Successfully with These Common House Plants

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There are many health risks that mold can cause. However, there are certain plants that can help you against this battle.

Here are the most common house plants to help you get rid of mold.

English Ivy

English Ivy is able to significantly reduce the concentration of chemicals and bacteria in the air after only a 24-hour period. It also reduces the concentration of airborne mold spores in indoor air by as much as 60 percent. Keep English Ivy in a partially shady area and prune the vine regularly to prevent overgrowth.


There are many species of Dracaena, over 40 actually. One of the most common and effective species of dracaena for reducing indoor mold is the Janet Craig.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are proven to remove nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde and mold spores from the air. These plants are especially effective because they thrive in high-mold areas like bathrooms.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns are very decorative house plants, and they are also highly efficient air purifiers with a confirmed ability to reduce formaldehyde and mold spores in indoor spaces.


There are certain varieties of palms that have well-documented capabilities for reducing the presence of indoor airborne mold.

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