Beautiful flowers – dahlias, can be successfully grown not only in the flower garden but also in pots. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a suitable place for dahlias. After all, they need a lot of lands, and for full flowering, you need fertile soil, prepared in advance in the fall. Planting dahlias in pots is a good way to make it easier for yourself to grow them and take (decorate!) a plot of land that is not suitable for cultivation.

red dahlias

To do this, choose varieties that have a small root system.

For planting dahlias in pots use:

  1. Clay pot;
  2. Plastic pots and buckets;
  3. Wicker baskets and containers;
  4. Wooden box.

Clay and ceramic pots allow air to pass well to the root system, do not overheat, and look very attractive. The disadvantages of such containers are high cost, fragility, and high weight. Use containers that have already grown flowers with caution.



Clay can accumulate salts and microorganisms. To get rid of salts, the pots are soaked in running water for 2 to 3 days.

From fungi and harmful microorganisms, pots are treated with disinfectants that do not contain chlorine.

If the pots are placed in the garden, next to trees, make sure that there is no anthill nearby. Ants contribute to the defeat of aphids, which can cause serious damage to flowers.

Do not plant dahlias in too large nests, divide them. Each nest must have a root neck, otherwise, the plant will never germinate. All fine hairs of the roots should be cut off. Think about how many tubers you want to plant at once – this will affect the further flowering.

growing dahlias in pots

Soil for dahlias in pots

One of the most important stages in growing dahlias in pots is preparing the soil. The ground should be loose, breathable, and contain all the necessary nutrients.

You can buy the ground mixture ready-made, or prepare it yourself. The finished mixture is selected with the label “for flowering plants”.

For growing dahlias in the garden land add:

  • Sand;
  • Humus;
  • The complex of microelements;
  • Rotted manure;
  • Perlite.

All components are thoroughly mixed, large stones, lumps of clay, and other debris are selected from the soil.

Add organic fertilizers to the soil should be very careful, dahlias in pots do not like an overabundance of nitrogen in the soil. Overfed with nitrogen fertilizers is bad dahlias are blooming, the tubers of these plants have a hard time with winter.

Preparing tubers for growing dahlias in pots

To germinate a good planting material, tubers must be brought into a warm room. Spread them on a shelf and sprinkle with a mixture of peat and sand, leaving the root necks open. With good moisture, the eyes will hatch in a couple of weeks.

growing dahlias

After that, the tubers must be divided into several parts with a sharp knife, leaving 2-3 eyes on each part. If the tuber has a long shape, it should be shortened so that it quickly takes root and new tubers begin to appear in the process of growth. Sections must be dried for a couple of days and sprinkled with wood ash. After that, the tubers are sprouted in pots or boxes in a warm and well-lit place. In the second version, the tubers are separated by partitions so that their roots do not intertwine.

As the processes grow, weak buds are removed, leaving no more than 1-2 of the strongest. This will allow them to develop more actively, the shoots will have full nutrition. In the future, the Bush will give more inflorescences, and the tubers will be stronger and will be able to winter well.

Watering and fertilizing dahlias in pots

red dahlias

You will have to water the dahlias regularly but without excessive enthusiasm. If you overdo it, the plant may lose its attractiveness or even die altogether. Water should be so that the water-soaked soil about thirty centimeters. This will be enough for the flower to receive the optimal dose of life-giving moisture. During irrigation, it is very convenient to apply fertilizers: organic matter (manure or compost), nitrogen fertilizers, superphosphate, wood ash.

If the hole was well fertilized during planting, then the first application of top dressing can be postponed a little until the green mass begins to form. If the soil has not been fertilized, then after a week you should take care of fertilizing with organic matter. This is not difficult to do. It is enough to dig holes around the perimeter of the Bush, pour fertilizer into them, and then level the soil with a rake. It is recommended to repeat the procedure once every two weeks.

When do dahlias bloom

If you are not interested in the quantity, but the quality of inflorescences, do not leave more than three shots in the Bush, otherwise the inflorescences will be smaller in size and not so decorative. On each peduncle, you need to leave 1-2 buds. Remove faded buds so that they do not delay the formation and growth of new ones. Throughout the season, try to remove the lower side shoots of dahlias of high varieties, these processes can then be used as cuttings. In low-growing (pompom, cactus) and single Dahlia bushes, side shoots can not be removed.

growing dahlias in pots

Remove the lower leaves

Removing the lower plants will activate the development of shoots that are at the very bottom. Soon the lower shoots will develop and give long stems. For the lush flowering of dahlias, you will need 4 to 6 side shoots. Removing the lower leaves emphasizes the growth of large and beautiful buds.

Storage methods for any types of dahlias

The storage of dahlias after digging is not troublesome if the tubers were properly prepared. Dry, antiseptic-disinfected roots are well stored in conditions with low temperature and humidity. Fluctuations in temperature can cause premature germination of buds, which will lead to the death or deterioration of the quality of planting material. It is also important to remember that only ripe tubers can be stored. If you dig up the roots before the arrival of frost, their keeping capacity will be low.

You can simply put the roots in a cardboard or wooden container, and with the arrival of spring, get the container from the cellar and plant the roots in the ground. If there are no such conditions, then you need to take care of the presence of filler in the containers, which will protect the tubers from low temperatures and humidity fluctuations.

You can save Dahlia tubers until spring in sawdust. The only requirement for such a filler is the size of the segments. It is better to use softwood shavings for storage. It will not absorb moisture from the environment and the roots themselves. Pour sawdust into a wooden or plastic container with air access. The use of sealed plastic bags to preserve the roots is not at all acceptable, since the lack of ventilation will lead to their rotting.

growing dahlias

Peat can also be used for winter storage of Dahlia tubers. To do this, a layer of peat is sprinkled on the bottom of the box and the roots of dahlias are laid on it. Another layer of peat is spread over the tubers. These boxes can only be stored in the cellar or basement, where there is no access to light and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Many owners of country houses prefer to store Dahlia bulbs in the sand. This material does not absorb moisture and does not Deplete the tubers. To store tubers, fill containers with sand. Dahlia tubers are placed in the sand in one or more rows. The storage container is covered with burlap and lowered into the cellar or basement.