Growing Seedlings in Citrus Peels? Unbelievable! Learn These Tips From a Great Gardener!

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Let’s say you find yourself with a plethora of citrus rinds, say from making marmalade…and now you are wondering if there are any beneficial ingenious ways yo use citrus rinds! Well, there certainly are! The awesome aromatic power of citrus aside, but did you know you can grow seedlings in citrus peels? Sounds crazy isn’t it? Read bellow to find out more.

Citrus Rinds as a Starter Pot

Growing seeds in citrus peels is eco-friendly. You have a completely natural product, and you will grow a beneficial plant in it, then you will re-purpose it in the earth and it will act as a nutritious agent. You can use a variety of citrus rinds, however, it is advisable to be as bigger as possible. You can use any of the following in order to achieve the best results: Grapefruit, Pomelo , Tangerine, Orange. You can use lemons or limes too. If lemon, or lime is all you’ve got, make sure to cut the nubby end off the fruit so that the seedlings growing in these citrus peels won’t tip over. The fruit can be the easiest removed from the Tangerines, but just with a little effort, you can carve out the pulpfrom any other citrus variety.

Tips for Growing Seeds in Citrus Peels

Once you hollow the citrus, all you have to do now is the thick rind. Simply fill the rind with potting soil, you can purchase it, or it can be homemade, add 2 seeds and water in. After the seeds attain some height, thin to one plant per peel and allow it to grow a little bit more just until it is transplantation time. Then, just transplant the whole kit and caboodle in a larger pot, or the garden plot, rind and all. The peels will compost to the soil and continue to nourish the growing plants.

Other Ways to Use Citrus Rinds

Another way you can use citrus fruit rinds is to add the peels directly to the compost pile, or to the garbage to mitigate the stench. Orange oil is a natural anti-bacterial fruit so many gardeners says it slows down decomposition, yet we throw them into the compost and e have never experienced such effect.

Although the scent is attractive to us, cats hate it. It is deterrent to cats who want to hide in your garden as in a litter box. Just rub citrus peel over the leaves of the plants every month, or place peels around your garden and you will deter cats from using it as a personal area. You can also add the peel in a blender with 1 cup of warm water and make a puree into a slurry and pour it on anthills, and battle pests.

You can also try using citrus rinds as starter pots too. They will make the kitchen or whatever area you place them smell sub-lime. Interesting, huh?

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