Growing hibiscus can be a rewarding experience as these sturdy plants can create a beautiful getaway in your garden. These bright perennial garden flowers produce more blooms each season after planting hibiscus till they mature at about three years of age.

Where to sow hibiscus seed

To create a hibiscus garden and plant a hibiscus seed, find the right location at first where the soil drains well and about 6-8 hours of sunlight is received. If this is a low lying area where water accumulates easily, planting hibiscus here is not a good option.

Right Soil And Water For Hibiscus Gardening

Hibiscus Garden

Though hibiscus seed is adaptable to different soil types, ideal hibiscus gardening will occur in rich organic soil to create healthy and sturdy plants. Peat moss, compost, sphagnum, or decomposed manure, when added to the soil, is conducive for growing hibiscus. If the soil is acidic it should be made neutral before planting hibiscus.

For the first two years, the soil of the hibiscus garden needs to be kept continuously moist as hibiscus thrives well in moisture. Once the soil has been established, lesser moisture may be enough for growing hibiscus.

How to grow hibiscus in a container or pot

While planting hibiscus in a pot, ensure that well-drained soil is used and the pot has drainage holes so that water may not accumulate. Ensure the soil level in the pot and ground soil is even while planting hibiscus seed otherwise the plant may dry out or rot.

How do you take care of a hibiscus plant?

Pruning while hibiscus garden

Except for late fall and winter, a hibiscus garden can be pruned at any other time of the year. New blooms should be seen in about 3 months. Clean and good quality shears should be used, to cut just above an eye in the direction one wants the growing hibiscus plant to go.

Protection from winds and cold while hibiscus garden

Caring for hibiscus, a tropical plant is essential as this plant does not tolerate frosts and strong winds. While a well-watered and fertilized plant will be sturdier and better able to endure adversities, blankets, straw, cardboard or a thick layer of mulch will only provide better protection. In the northern regions caring for hibiscus may require you to bring the plants inside in winter whereas, in the south, the light cover will save the hibiscus garden from frost.

Hibiscus Garden

Controlling pests while hibiscus gardening

·       Aphids and ants which often attack the hibiscus garden can be controlled by liquid soap or a high-pressure hose.

·       Spider mites, though too small to be seen weaken the leaves of the growing hibiscus and cause yellow splotches on the top and pimple-like bumps to scabby areas below. Miticides of fine oils when applied regularly break their life cycle.

·       Pests like whitefly, causing hibiscus dandruff can be controlled by Orthene and Murphy’s Oil soap while caring for hibiscus.

Choose between yellow, pink, and red hibiscus to brighten up your garden and grow healthy hibiscus plants.