In many countries, it is considered natural and correct to put a live Christmas tree on the New year, and growing Christmas trees is a respected, eco – friendly, and profitable business since the tree is a renewable resource that requires minimal consumption of electricity, and, accordingly, oil and gas. All over the world, the Christmas tree business is a fairly developed production that uses the latest achievements of technological progress and modern, already well-established technologies.

There are three main stages in growing a live Christmas tree:

  • Selling live tree seeds
  • Growing tree seedlings from seed up to 2-3 years
  • Growing a tree until it is sold at the age of 7-12 years.

In this article, you know how long does it take a Christmas tree to grow.

Sale of Christmas tree seeds

Seeds of Christmas trees are collected in their natural area of growth in a certain period of time for each tree. The Botanical characteristics of trees of the same species, but from different areas will differ slightly, so after collecting the cones with seeds, they are sorted by the areas where they were collected. This makes it possible to determine not only the type but also the subspecies of the future tree.

christmas tree farm

Bumps trees harvested in the “closed” state, the scales are tight to each other, after which they kept in a dry and Sunny location, where they are under the influence of light and heat gradually “open up”.

Seeds extracted from cones with spinning reels, then sorted, leaving only the largest, the same size and they are on the market in companies that are engaged in the cultivation of Christmas trees.

Growing Christmas tree seedlings from seed up to 2-3 years

Growing seedlings from seeds are usually done by nurseries that have developed greenhouses. For each type of seedlings, they select their own conditions, air temperature, light, and soil humidity. Good care is also very important – timely watering, loosening the land, and fertilizing. In this case, most of the planted seeds germinate.

How long does it take a tree to grow?

Average growing time usually takes 2-3 years before the seedlings are sold, and all this time it is necessary to carefully monitor the agroclimatic conditions in which live Christmas trees grow.

Can I decorate an ornamental Christmas tree during the new year’s holidays?

For the New year, you can decorate the container spruce with any decorations, but watch out for electric garlands-sometimes they get very hot and can burn the branches.

It is good to place a container with a tree in the loggia, after warming the container in which it grows. Otherwise, the root system, which is particularly sensitive in tub plants, may freeze, and your green beauty will die. Every two to three years, the tree is transplanted into a new container, 1inch larger than the previous one, with the addition of fresh soil. Important feature: coniferous trees do not tolerate excessive sinking. When transplanting, make sure that the root neck is at the same level as before.

Preparing the soil and planting a live Christmas tree

The place for growing live Christmas trees is chosen quite Sunny and evenly lit from all sides. Before you start growing live Christmas trees, the soil must be carefully prepared, for which a number of events are held, here are just some of them:

  • Clearing the earth of debris and stones
  • Removing existing trees, uprooting stumps
  • Drainage and irrigation systems are being developed
  • A fence is installed to protect against wild animals
  • If necessary, wind barriers are installed
  • Soil cultivation is carried out, digging to a considerable depth, and the necessary fertilizers are applied.

Landing is performed using specialized equipment. Seedlings are placed in the ground at a certain distance from each other – so they will be evenly illuminated and will not interfere with each other as they grow. It is also very important to leave space for the passage of heavy equipment, taking into account the future size of the tree.

how long does it take for a christmas tree to grow

Caring for a live Christmas tree

In order for trees to grow healthy and beautiful, they need to be well cared for in nurseries, which means that you need to:

  • Apply fertilizers
  • Mowing grass
  • Pest control
  • Disease control
  • Culling of low-quality products.

How to keep a Christmas tree in a pot before transplanting it into the ground?

You need to properly care for the Christmas trees, which are located in the room. It needs moderate watering. The ground should not be dry or too wet. You also need to spray the crown with a spray gun and maintain normal humidity in the room. Watering is carried out with standing water at room temperature.

It is important to monitor the condition of the earthen coma. As soon as it becomes dry, evenly water the soil with a small amount of water. After the holiday, the fir Christmas tree is put on a glazed balcony, warming the pot with a blanket. Transplant the plant into the open ground as soon as the ground becomes soft. This may happen in the spring, but in some regions there are thaws. If the ground has become soft, it is acceptable to transplant the plant even in winter.

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4 rules of care for the home Christmas tree


Coniferous plants in the winter in the apartment suffering from dry and hot air that comes from the batteries.

From its impact, their needles begin to dry up and fall off. To keep the Christmas trees in a pot, when caring for them at home, you must follow three main rules: Put the Christmas trees in the coolest place in the apartment with an air temperature of +15 degrees. Until the holidays, the tree can be held on the insulated loggia. If there is no such thing, but the Christmas trees on the coolest windowsill, and cover the batteries with wet towels.


how long does it take for a christmas tree to grow

Humid air is another condition that needs to be provided for a coniferous tree.

To do this, as we have already written, it is recommended to cover the radiators with wet rags, regularly wetting them. You can spray the air around the Christmas tree several times a day or place the pot on a tray with wet expanded clay.

The soil in the pot should always be moderately moist.

Do not allow it to dry out, but there should not be a “swamp”. Water regularly with water at room temperature. In 20-30 minutes after watering, pour the water out of the pan. Otherwise, the roots may begin to rot, and the needles may turn black and fly off.

Coniferous plants like good lighting, from the lack of which the needles on them first fade, and then dry and fly around.

potted christmas tree

Put your home Christmas tree on the most well-lit windowsill.

But this is only in winter when there is no direct burning sunlight!

A few myths about the Christmas trees in the pot

To avoid making a fatal mistake when growing Christmas trees in a pot for further transplanting it into the garden, you need to pay attention to common myths. Some sellers and nursery workers unknowingly give customers incorrect information. Here are some of the most common myths:

how long does it take for a christmas tree to grow

  1. Myth 1: If the temperature is no higher than +20 °C in a room where a spruce Christmas tree is kept in a tub, it will survive the winter perfectly. In reality, even at a temperature of +15 °C, the tree enters the growing season. It is useless to transplant a tree during the SAP flow period, it will not take root.
  2. Myth 2: a gradual adaptation of the tree to the outdoor temperature is required. In fact, the tree begins to prepare for wintering in the fall. This is a long process that takes several months. Therefore, if a spruce Christmas tree has come out of a dormant state (it has been standing in a warm room for many days), it will not be able to “adapt” to the cold for several days.
  3. Myth 3: an Earthen lump should be watered abundantly during the new year’s holidays. In fact, the dry air in the room comes from heating devices. It dries up the soil in the container and the needles. Therefore, the tree should not be in such conditions for long. Abundant watering will not save the needles from drying out.
  4. Myth 4: Periodic spraying will help the conifers not dry out. In reality, the indoor air must have a humidity of at least 50 % to make the plant feel good. If there are heating devices in the room, spraying will not help. You need to constantly stand near the Christmas tree with a spray gun. Therefore, only a special humidifier will help.