How To Effectively Repair Crushed Or Bent Stems On Plants

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If you ever get out in your garden after your kids have played in it, you might find your favorite plants trampled or damaged. Don’t despair, as it is possible to repair the bent flower stems with a few simple tools.

Bent Flower Stems

Your plants can be damaged from pets too, or even you can damage them if you are not cautious. Strong winds can bend over plant stems as well.  However, the quicker you take action, the more likely you will succeed at repairing your bent plant stems.

How to Repair Crushed or Bent Stems

The first thing you need when repairing plant stems is tape. It can either be florist tape, electrician’s tape or simply plant Scotch tape. Wrap the bent flower stem with tape to straighten the stem and align the damaged areas. This way you are giving your plant a chance to heal. For larger plant stems or some that carry weight (like tomato plants), you might need a splint. Depending on the area, you will need different splints. You can include toothpicks, pencils, skewers, or even drinking straws. Tape one or more splints to your plant and strengthen the bent area.

Fixing Plant Stems that Have Been Crushed

Unfortunately, there is often nothing you can do to repair crushed plant stems. If the crushed area is small and the damage is minimal, try the tape and splint method. For badly crushed stems, however, this is not likely to work. You are better off clipping off the stem below the damaged area.

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