How To Grow 10 Of The Easiest Herbs Indoors On Your Windowsill

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You can grow herbs indoors this winter and add that just-picked taste to your meals, even in the coolest winter. Herbs are just fine on a windowsill.

Many herbs, such as: oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage are best propagated for indoor growing by taking a cutting from an existing outdoor plant. For this reason this is an important step in growing herbs indoors.

Another thing is to consider moving your potted herb plants toward their winter home before the first frost. But, put them in a bright, cool “transitional zone before you move them indoors right away. Also, you should remember to  protect them from heat and dryness. Most herbs prefer daytime temperatures of about 65 to 70 degrees F, although they can withstand climbs into the 70s.

Most herbs like to be well watered but don’t like wet conditions. Add sand or vermiculite to the potting soil to ensure good drainage. When it comes to lighting,  if the light is low, keep the temperature low.

Here are the best 10 herbs to grow on a windowsill! Basil

You should start basil from seeds and place the pot in a window that faces south. Basil needs plenty of sun and warmth.


Bay can grow well in containers all year. Place the pot in an east or west facing window. Make sure it doesn’t get crowded as it needs space and circulation to thrive well.


Start chervil seeds in late summer. It grows well in low light but needs 65 to 70 degrees F temperatures to thrive.


Pot a clump from your garden that you have previously dug up. Leave the pot outside until the leaves die back. In early winter, move the pot to your coolest indoor spot for a few days, and then place it to your window that gets brightness mostly.


Oregano is best if started with a tip cutting from an outdoor plant. Place the pot in a south-facing window.


Start parsley from seeds or dig up a clump from your garden at the end of the season. Parsley likes plenty of sun, but will grow slowly in an east, or west facing window.


Rosemary can be started with a cutting of rosemary, and kept it in moist soilless mix until it roots. It grows best in a south-facing window.


Take a tip cutting from an outdoor plant to start an indoor sage. It requires dry, indoor air well, but it needs plenty of sun in a south-facing window.


A dormant period in late fall or early winter is essential for tarragon to grow indoors. Pot up a mature plant from your outdoor garden and leave it outside until the leaves die back. Provide it with brightness for a few days and place it in a south-facing window Also feed it well with an organic liquid fertilizer.


You can start thyme indoors either by rooting a soft tip cutting or by digging up and potting an outdoor plant. It requires full sun however it can grow in an east, or west facing window.

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