How to Start a Thriving Square Foot Garden in 5 Easy Steps

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All the options we have with gardening these days blow my mind. My great-grandparents were farmers, and they didn’t have all of these interesting options.

They merely put seeds in the ground and did the best they could with what came up.

Now, it’s possible for almost anyone anywhere to grow what they want because of these advanced gardening techniques. You can also read about Trench Gardening, Lasagna Gardening, and Core Gardening.

One gardening technique I want to discuss with you today is square foot gardening. It was developed back in the 1970’s by Mel Bartholomew. Years later many gardeners still appreciate this method.

In case you haven’t considered square foot gardening, I want to share with you what it is, how you can create one, and share a few other tips to help make your gardening experience a success.

What is Square Foot Gardening?




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