Impressive Ornamental Cabbage Decorations To Beautify Your Outdoors

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It’s winter, but we all dream about having a full bloom garden outdoors, don’t we?  And guess what? This can be possible too if you plant some winter flowering plants that will add color to your garden during the cold days.

One plant to help you do this is the cabbage! Ornamental cabbage is a non edible cabbage that offers color right through the cold days with its bold foliage of vibrant colors. There are many ways you can incorporate ornamental cabbage in your outdoor decorations.

Here are some impressive ideas to get you started!

Ornamental Cabbage Landscape Ideas

Ornamental Cabbage Planters

Ornamental cabbages can also look impressive in all kinds of planters!

Ornamental Cabbage Window Boxes

To make the best cabbage window boxes it is important to make sure to secure the boxes well, because once they are filled they get heavy and you don’t want to find them broken into pieces on the ground.

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