Natural Weed Killer Recipes to Save Your Garden and the Environment

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Let’s face it, weeds are part of every gardener’s life. The dreaded plants complete with our gardens for nutrients in the soil, they hog the sunlight, and they limit growth potential for our veggies. That’s why controlling weeds is an integral part of every gardener’s master plan. While you might be tempted to pull out an industrial-sized jug of a commercial killer, there are better ways to tackle weeds.

Natural weed killer is a cinch to make at home and can be much more affordable than the stuff they sell at the store. It is also better for the overall health of your garden and the environment – not to mention your own health.

We’ve tested a variety of natural weed killer recipes that you can use to control weeds naturally, and we’ll show you what worked best in our gardens.

Why Use Sustainable Options? 

True – there are a lot of commercial weed killers and herbicides on the market. Go to any big box store, and there are aisles full of them.

Commercial weed killers are effective because they contain harsh chemicals that kill weeds immediately. Incidentally, some of those harsh chemicals can also kill your vegetables and any other plants in the area if they get spray on them.

Roundup weed killer bottlesRoundup weed killer bottles

The other downside is that compounds such as 2,4D (dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) and Roundup (glyphosate) can bind themselves in the earth or get washed into wells and waterways. These chemicals can be toxic to the good microbes and life in your soil – such as earthworms – as well as the fish in nearby waterways.

Chemicals in commercial herbicides have also been linked to human cancers. For instance, glyphosate is now listed by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a probable carcinogenic. Not something you want around your food.

Then there’s the fact that commercial weed killers aren’t cheap. It’s hard to see why they are worth the trouble when you can make your own natural weed killer at home for a fraction of the cost.

Natural Weed Killer Recipes

Homemade killers can help to rid your garden of weeds without endangering the health of your garden. The best part is that you can make them inexpensively from everyday items, like vinegar and dish soap.

Vinegar, Salt and Dish Soap

Salt and vinegar bottlesSalt and vinegar bottles

A mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish soap is an excellent alternative to harsher chemicals and works exceptionally well. It’s one of the most popular recipes out there for natural weed killers.

Vinegar contains acetic acid which dries up the cells in the plants. Salt is also a good natural dehydrator, and it also inhibits plant roots from taking up water and nutrients. Dish soap is a surfactant and helps keep the vinegar and salt stuck to the weed instead of running off on to your garden soil. Combined, it makes an effective weed killer.

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