If you want to create a green corner in your apartment that has a luxurious and slightly mysterious appearance, you will need indoor plants growing in water that are not afraid of excessive moisture but prefer it. When selecting these types, pay attention to the origin of the plant, if its natural habitat is wetlands — this flower will work.

Useful properties of plants that grow in water

Excessive dryness of the air is harmful to our respiratory system. Everyone feels it for themselves. The normal level of humidity in the room will be valued from 40 to 70%. In winter, the dryness becomes critical. Trying to fix the situation, we buy expensive humidifiers that do not decorate our interior at all. But there are wonderful ways to achieve comfortable humidity in a natural and beautiful way-by growing near-water or water plants.

Domestic plants that grow in water have a romantic and fantastic appearance and lush greenery. Such a plot with lush greenery, and even in combination with well-chosen photo Wallpapers will create a real tropical Kingdom in the apartment.

Any indoor flowers purify the atmosphere of the apartment and enrich it with oxygen. However, cacti and other succulents do this to a lesser extent. But tropical swamp plants have a powerful photosynthetic activity. All physiological processes occur in them energetically, so they can supply us with oxygen and moisture to the maximum.

Recently, it has become popular to decorate the bathroom with live plants. Moisture-loving plants are ideal for this purpose. Here they will grow perfectly. And you, taking a shower or bath, will feel as if you are on the ocean coast of the tropics.

plants that grow in water


Many varieties of water growing bamboo, especially its low-growing species, are perfect for growing in water. But it does relatively well with less moisture. He can put up with some lack of light. Bamboo is very plastic both in terms of growing conditions, and if possible to give it a different shape. It grows quickly, creating fancy bushes. There are a lot of varieties of lucky bamboo, it is possible to choose both low-growing and powerful plants.

plants that grow in water


This is the most famous and unpretentious of growing plants in water. Its three-sided strong stems, growing in a bundle, end in a lush “fountain” of leaves spread out to the sides. For such a characteristic appearance, the Cyperus is often called a “palm tree”. In fact, it belongs to the genus Sedge. Its homeland is the wetlands of the tropics of Africa. Its closest relative is papyrus. And our indoor pet is often called by a double name: Cyperus-papyrus. This plant in water can be grown simply in a vessel with water. There’s never much water for him. The more it is, the more luxuriantly it grows. It is usually grown in vases that stand in deep trays constantly filled with water.

plants that grow in water


It is also called water hyacinth. It is also surprisingly unpretentious. The main condition for it is water. In nature, Eichhornia grows in the tropical part of South America. However, due to its vitality, it now successfully grows in many places with warm climates around the world, earning the nickname “water plague”. Eichornia is often used by aquarists, growing it on the surface of the water. It also enjoys well-deserved attention from flower growers. This indoor water plant prefers to grow in wide, but not small, containers with water, which are located in a warm place with sufficient lighting. Drafts are highly undesirable. In the summer, when the conditions are most favorable for it, Eichhornia will delight with elegant lilac flowers that really resemble hyacinths.

plants that grow in water


Leaves and flowers of tradescantia can be of different colors: from white to purple. The plant is very unassuming. Thanks to this quality, tradescantia becomes more popular.

All that this plant requires is proper lighting (it can not be constantly in the shade or in the sun, you need to put it evenly both there and there, otherwise the flower will die), the temperature is from 12°C to 30°C.

If tradescantia is grown in the soil, it is necessary to provide frequent watering, but in no case can you leave the soil very wet – the roots of the flower will rot. Also, special attention should be paid to air humidity – if there is insufficient humidity, the growing plants in the water will often get sick.

plants that grow in water


If you follow certain conditions for the care of indoor ivy, it will soon turn into an elegant decorative vine. The temperature should not rise above 25°C, otherwise, the plant will start to dry and it will constantly need to be sprayed. The humidity of about 50-60% is ideal for ivy.

Different types of plants require different lighting, some prefer diffused light, while others prefer partial shade. The flower likes to be sprayed with water. In summer, this should be done 2-3 times a week, and in winter – once every 10 days.

If ivy grows in the soil, then summer watering should be carried out 1-2 times a week, and winter – once a week. The plant feels good in the water, in it, it can turn into a fairly long vine.

plants that grow in water


Cacti are extremely common among gardeners. They do not need to be watered often and select a special pot for their growth. Most often, people put small cacti in a pot filled with pebbles. Then it is lowered into another pot larger than the previous one, it should be filled with water.

Cacti like light, but in winter they can be in full shade. However, it is best to put these plants in a lighted place, because among them there are no shade-loving, there are shade-tolerant.

Cacti also need to provide constant heat. If they are cold or do not have enough light, they will grow very poorly, they may even die.

On the basis of growing in water plants, you can create various compositions that will decorate your home, make it more cozy and comfortable. There is no need to try to buy all of them, just choose three or four types you like. They will delight you all year round. Just don’t forget to add and change the water.