Decorative coniferous plants are capricious and sensitive to light, moisture, and maintenance at an optimal temperature. After the purchase, do not immediately install the tree on the honorable warm new year’s place. A few days in a cool room with sufficient airflow will allow him to better adapt to new conditions. On holiday, put the potted Christmas tree away from batteries and other heating devices.

Spruce in a pot at home requires careful care. The soil for its maintenance must be regularly maintained in a moist state, preventing drying out or waterlogging. Needles and twigs are constantly (at least 5 times a day) treated with a water spray. Low humidity can lead to drying and death of the ornamental plant. To ensure that the tree is evenly illuminated, it is recommended to periodically rotate it around the axis. This will ensure a uniform color of pine needles will reduce the risk of disease. To avoid burns, protect the plant from direct sunlight.

In winter, potted Christmas trees are dormant, so they should not be fertilized or fed.

Conica spruce

Conica spruce (conica) is a decorative variety of conifers that were specially grown for growing on private plots, use in landscape design, decoration of verandas, and other semi-open spaces.

potted christmas tree

Choosing a conic in the store is practically no different from buying a regular indoor flower. But, if you buy a tree for the New year, you need to pay attention to a few points. Don’t buy an already decorated Christmas tree. Yes, it looks beautiful, but the tree must have passed pre-sale preparation, including treatment with aerosols for Shine. Because of this, the pores are clogged, and the tree can die very quickly. The tree should have a healthy appearance. Stunted,” bald ” specimens may not last until the holiday. Inspect the conditions of the plant. Try the substrate with your finger. It should be wet, but it should not squish or, on the contrary, be dry. Shake the barrel slightly. The tree should sit firmly. Estimate the volume of the pot. It must match the size of the fir tree. Run your hand gently over the needles. Needles should not fall off EN masse. Also, pay attention to the color of the crown. It should be uniform, bright, and juicy.

TOTAL. When buying Conica spruce in the store, choose healthy specimens without decorations and processing.

Care for Сoniсa spruce after purchase

Conica spruce grows in Canada and comes mainly from this country. In pots with a Christmas tree is not the soil, but a special nutrient substrate. Therefore, after buying the plant, it is best to transplant it into a good pot with normal soil. Coniferous trees need acidic soil. You can take a substrate for violets or rhododendrons.

But here we need to make a small clarification. Konika doesn’t tolerate transplants very well. In principle, if the tree is kept cool all winter and with proper humidity indicators, it can survive until spring in its transport pot. But, most likely, you buy Konika to keep it warm in the apartment at least during the new year holidays. Then the transplant is necessary since the transport substrate dries very quickly. The transfer is carried out by the method of transshipment. The earthen lump is not disturbed but simply filled with new soil to the required level.

Growing conditions potted Christmas tree

The main task of growing a potted Christmas tree in an apartment is not to let it die before the end of the new year holidays and save the plant until spring. To do this, Conica needs to create suitable conditions.

potted christmas tree

The temperature of a potted Christmas tree

In winter, this variety of Canadian spruce has a dormant period, which is characterized by a decrease in the temperature of the content. Optimal – no higher than 10 degrees. It is also not necessary to lower the temperature of the content too much. The roots may freeze.

IMPORTANT! If you move the Christmas tree to a warm room for 2-3 days, nothing will happen to it, so for the New year, you can safely place the pot with the plant in the most prominent place in the room.

Air humidity of a potted Christmas tree

Spraying the most Important condition that you need to observe if you want the tree to survive until spring is high humidity (65-75%). The plant should be sprayed, and next to it put a saucer with water. You can use an automatic humidifier. Lighting

The plant loves light, but it is not necessary to expose it to direct sunlight. They cause burns on the needles. Therefore, diffused light will suit Konika.

IMPORTANT! To keep the needles evenly colored 1 time a week, the pot must be rotated. Otherwise, the needles on the other side will crumble. Choosing a place to put the Perfect place for a conic tree is a cool balcony. But the Western window sill will also do. The main thing is to keep the pot with the plant as far away from the heating batteries as possible. The fact is that the drying of the soil leads to the death of the Christmas tree. On holidays, you can decorate the Christmas tree and put it in the best place. But in general, it is desirable for the plant to choose a cool place with high humidity.

IMPORTANT! The pot with spruce should be raised above the batteries so that their heat does not dry up the roots. If you have a small plant, just put it on a cabinet or shelf.

potted christmas tree

Christmas trees decoration

Decorating a Canadian fir tree on New year’s eve is not prohibited. You can hang small balls, tinsel, put small cones on the surface of the pot. Most importantly, do not process anything spruce to give it a Shine.

Landing Christmas trees

When planting spruce, it is important to follow the basic rules: the presence of drainage. Suitable soil. Careful handling of roots.

ON A NOTE. Do not be afraid if in the first days after planting your Christmas tree will drop some of the needles. This is a normal reaction of a plant to a transplant. If optimal conditions are provided, the tree will recover very soon. Also, if you are planting spruce in the spring, do not forget to treat it with a growth stimulant.

Reproduction Christmas trees

Propagation of spruce is carried out in the spring by seeds or cuttings. Choosing a seed method of reproduction, you need to be aware that this is a very difficult task, and it is unlikely to grow an exact copy of the tree. It is much more effective to propagate Canadian spruce cuttings. Propagation by cuttings the Algorithm is simple, but requires the clear implementation of each item:

potted christmas tree

  • The procedure is performed on a cloudy day.
  • As a planting material, choose young healthy cuttings about 4 inches long.
  • It is better to take branches from the middle of the tree. Cut off the branches from the trunk carefully along with the”heel”. This is the name of the part of the trunk where the branch grows.
  • The planting material is placed in a solution from a growth stimulator. Their branches need to withstand a day.
  • Cuttings are planted at an angle of 30 degrees to a depth of no more than 3 cm. At the landing site, create a greenhouse made of plexiglass or film.
  • Closed cuttings should stand for six months. Rooting will occur in about 6 to 12 months. It all depends on the plant and the surrounding conditions.
  • Seedlings need proper care: watering, feeding, ventilation. The seedlings will be ready for further procedures next year.

Irrigation Christmas trees

Water the conic should be regularly, but moderately. The soil in the pot should be moist, but it is not necessary to create a swamp there. The water should be warm and settled. By the way, the soil in the pot can be mulched to avoid premature evaporation of moisture.

IMPORTANT! Do not overdo it by watering the plant, as overflow leads to rotting of the roots. It is almost impossible to save the tree in this case.

Additional fertilizing

Conica spruce is very demanding for top dressing. You can use special fertilizers for coniferous trees. European goods. You can also use the usual top dressing: in Spring and summer – nitrogen and phosphorus. For example, urea, saltpeter, etc. In autumn, fertilizers based on potassium are used. For example, potassium sulfate. In winter, fertilizing is not carried out, since the plant is at rest, and you should not Wake it up ahead of time.

Answers to popular questions

  • How to buy a Christmas tree for the holiday?

The process of buying conics is similar to buying any indoor flower. Take a healthy plant with no signs of disease. The only thing to note is that the spruce is not treated with aerosols.

  • Why did the tree turn yellow (bald, discarded needles)?

This can happen due to pests. Also, problems with needles can be caused by improper care. Make sure you follow all the rules.

  • How to save a tree until spring?

In General, it is very difficult to protect Christmas trees that are sold for the New year. These are ephemera that should last no more than 2 weeks. But there is still a chance. Move the pot to a cool place. Provide air supply (but not a draft!), high humidity, and lighting. As soon as the weather allows, do not hesitate to transplant it into the garden.

  • Where is the best place to plant a Christmas tree in the garden?

It all depends on your imagination and your site. The main thing is protection from drafts and sufficient access to the sun.


Conica Spruce will decorate your home on new year’s holidays, but in the spring it is better to transplant this tree into the open ground. There it will gain strength and will delight you with its appearance all year round.