Raised Beds, In-Ground Plots, or Containers: Which Garden Layout to Choose

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Are you struggling to figure out how to layout your garden this year? I must be honest, I give you credit for even trying to think your garden through before starting.

Many years ago, when my husband and I first decided to start a garden, we jumped in with both feet and totally forgot to plan.

Thankfully, it was a small garden, so we didn’t do too much damage by not thinking things through.

But when we began growing a larger garden, we knew we had to plan everything out. I’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share the tips we try to follow when we plan out our garden each year.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing your garden layout:

Choose your Garden Layout: Different Types of Gardens

When you are first deciding on a garden layout, you might be surprised at how many different options you have for garden beds. You need to think over each option and decide which one might work the best for your situation.

1. Raised Beds

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