Save Your Plastic Bottles, You're Gonna Need Them For Your Garden

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If you haven’t tried recycling or reusing items from your house, you should definitely consider it as an option because you will help yourself by helping our environment.

For this reason, homeowners are turning to this trend of reducing environmental impacts from chemical applications and they have come up with plenty of ideas on how to do so.

Take a look at these 9 awesome ideas that will take some of your plastic bottles and put them to creative uses around your garden!

1. Mini greenhouse

Seedlings can benefit from being grown inside plastic bottles. Simply cut the bottom off of a clean bottle and put it over the plant by pushing it into the soil. You will create a mini greenhouse that will help you protect the plant from frost, rain, and wind.

2. Drip Feeder

You don’t have to spend money on expensive irrigation system, instead you can make your own self-water garden. Poke holes in the sides of a large plastic bottle and bury it next to a plant in a way that the neck is above the soil surface. Fill it with water.

3. Watering can

You shouldn’t buy a watering can if you have a juice bottle at home you don’t use. Clean it and poke holes in the cap. Then, fill the bottle with water, screw the cap back on and there is your DIY watering can.

4. Sprinkler

Get a 2-liter empty plastic bottle and poke holes in one side to create a garden sprinkler. Add a female hose end, and a female swivel adapter, then add hose washers to connect it to your garden hose and you will create your sprinkler!

5. Fruit Picker

This is an awesome hack for picking those high limbs on your fruit tree. Get a 2-liter bottle, but a hole on the side at the bottom and add a handle to the neck of it. Slip the fruit into the hole and safely drop it into the bottle.

6. Wasp trap

Using a utility knife and a stapler you can easily fashion a DIY wasp trap out of a plastic bottle. The wasps enter to get the solution and it is very hard for them to get back out.

7. Plastic scoop

A simple garden scoop can make gardening very simple. You can use it to dig planting holes or distribute mulch around your plants. Get a vinegar bottle, detergent bottle, or other rigid plastic bottle and cut of the bottom or the sides to create your scoop.

8. Fill planters

You know that garden containers get heavy if rocks are placed at the bottom of the pot to encourage drainage. You can keep them lighter by filling the bottom of the pot with empty bottles and add the potting soil to the desired height.

9. Hanging bottle planter

Create an electric hanging garden by upcycling plastic bottles and use them as planters. First, remove the bottoms using a sharp utility knife. You can decorate with thread, pinch holes for hanging and plant your favorite plants into it.

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