She Sticks Two Pencils In Her Potted Plant. The Reason? This Is SO Amazing!

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I am sure you will all agree that pencil stubs can be considered as one of the most annoying things in the world.  They are tiny, so you can’t actually hold them correctly, but you feel there is enough wood and graphite left over so you don’t want to waste that and throw them out.

Nowadays we live in a digital age, yet over 15 billion pencils are still produced, and thrown out, every year. This is a lot of waste, don’t you think? Actually it is way too much.

Students from MIT tried to turn all of these pencils into something useful. And is there a more useful thing, than something that produces food?

We don’t talk about a ton of food, but only enough to add some extra flavor to any recipe, especially something where you would need some herby kick.

The product they got is called the Sprout Pencil, which is a pencil made of biodegradable materials such as plantable cedar, with a cup of seeds in place on an eraser.

When the pencil becomes small, so you can’t write with it anymore, stuck it with the writing point up into a pot of dirt, and soon you will have edible plants growing !

The pencils are topped with biodegradable green cups in the place of an eraser. Inside the caps there are seeds of different flowering edible plants. The pencils are labeled so you will know what you are getting.

When you can’t write with them anymore, stuck them in some dirt, give them water and sunlight, and watch how your garden grows beautifully.

The seeds can include tomatoes, sunflowers, many herbs, green peppers, etc.

A lot of these plants, and flowers as well, are edible- this means that when they are big enough, you will have your own home-grown-food. There isn’t a bigger satisfaction than that, right?

These students, who were the creators of the Sprout Pencil, teamed up with a company named Sprout World, that was searching for a way to illustrate sustainability to consumers, and concluded that the pencil was the perfect way to do so.

After all, it is a pencil. Perfect for illustration!

No worries about the lead. First of all, pencils are graphite and clay, they don’t have lead at all. Second, the writing material doesn’t come in contact with the seeds, so you are good!

The plants grow well in a pot next to a sunny window, and are perfect for small homes or apartments without access to garden.

Not to mention, they’re absolutely adorable.

The label on the pencil is a handy reminder of what plant you can actually expect to grow.

Now, whenever you think you don’t have enough room for a garden, think again. This is a great way to get your kid interested in growing things as well! You will teach them a great habit – not to waste things.

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