The Easiest Vertical Garden Made With Pallets! See How To Make It

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Having your own homegrown food is a blessing. However, sometimes there’s not enough space and there comes the frustration. If you are dealing with that, then you would find this post helpful.

Check out these vertical garden ideas and get started!

If you lack space vertical garden is the best solution for you.The easiest way to make a vertical garden is to use old wooden pallets. It is cheap, quick and so functional. Scroll down below and see how to do it.

How to make?

You will need 1 old pallet, landscaping fabric and staple gun. Ensure that the pallet doesn’t have any nails poking out. You can also paint your pallet any color you want for additional decor. Place the pallet in a way that you will know which is up and which is down. The front should be the side that has narrow slats. Line the inside with fabric. Add a double layer in order to hold the soil in place. Don’t cover the top of the slats, this is the place you will plant. Fill the pallet with soil suitable for the plants you are planting. After this, arrange your plants. Leave the pallet horizontal for a few weeks until it settles down. Then, you can move it vertically to keep the soil from falling down.

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