The Most Amazing 10 Trees You Can Plant In Fall!

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Take a look at the best 10 trees you can have in your own garden this fall! All 10 are easy to take care of, and they look fantastic in autumn!

The Most Amazing 10 Trees You Can Plant In Fall

1. Sugar maple – This one not only has the sweet sap used to make maple syrup and sugar, it’s also the king of fall color. This is the perfect tree or those of you who own a big backyard and love lobed leaves in shades of yellow and orange!

2. Red Maple – Red Maples are popular shade trees for urban environments. They produce glints of red all year round with red buds in winter, red flowers in spring, red leafstalks in summer, and brilliant red foliage in autumn.

3. Japanese maple – If you have a small garden you can still plant maples that will make your neighbors jealous. There are many types of Japanese maple, small, ornamental trees with gorgeous lacy leaves. In autumn, it comes in many colors: yellows, oranges, bronzes, purples, reds, and everything in between.

4. Japanese persimmon – Not only will the tree produce vivid orange leaves in autumn, but you’ll also get tons of dramatic orange fruit decorating the tree branches like holiday ornaments.

5. Birch tree – You can never go wrong with Birch trees. Which birches to choose? Paper birch () has that glowing white bark that looks so romantic. But it also has brilliant golden leaves in fall. Or choose European white birch () that grows faster and taller, but has the same sunny yellow fall foliage.

6. Ginkgo – Known as one of the oldest trees on earth, ginkgo has unique leaves in the shape of fans. Mature ginkgoes are stunning, especially in autumn with their burn yellow leaves.

7. Tulip poplar – Yellow poplar or tulip tree has large leaves that are among the first to turn in fall.

8. Hickory – Hickory trees  offer an outstanding show of deep yellow in autumn.

9. Sweetgum – If you love red or purple foliage on trees in autumn, plant American sweetgum because their leaves are shaped like stars and turn crimson, scarlet and purple in autumn.

10. Dogwood – Dogwood trees  are natural beauties in the landscape. You’ll love the gorgeous spring flowers they produce!

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