These Are the 5 Common Reasons Why Your Leaves are Falling Off

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When leaves drop it can be really annoying, especially because you don’t know why this is happening.

There is some leaf loss which is normal, but there can be many reasons for a plant losing leaves and these are not all good. In order to learn their cause it is important to examine the plant and take note of any pests or environmental factors that might affect your plant’s normal health.

Common Reasons for a Plant Dropping Leaves

The reasons for your plant dropping leaves can include: environmental stress, pests and disease. You will find bellow a list of the most common causes for leaves falling off.


Whether it is a shock from transplanting, repotting, or dividing, this is the number one reason for the leaf loss in your plants. This also affects plants going from indoor to an outdoor environment and vice versa.  Temperature, light, or moisture can have an adverse effect on plants, because they are transitioning from one environment to another – and this results in loss of foliage.

Weather and Climate

Environmental changes can lead to shock, yet weather and climate have a huge role in causing leaves to fall. Temperatures affect plants greatly. For instance, a sudden temperature change, hot or cold, can also lead to foliage turning yellow or brown and dropping off.

Wet or Dry Conditions

Overly wet or dry conditions lead to plants dropping their leaves. Overwatering results in leaf yellowing and dropping of foliage. Dry compacted soil usually has the same outcome, since roots become restricted. Overcrowded container plants can drop leaves for the exact same reason, giving a good indication that repotting is necessary.

Seasonal Changes

Again, changing of season leads to the loss of leaves. Most of us have experienced leaf loss in fall, yet did you know it can occur in spring and summer? For instance, for broad-leaf-evergreens and trees this is uncommon ( to shed their oldest, often yellowing leaves in spring in order to make room for regrowth of new young leaf tips. Others do this in late summer/early spring.

Pests and Disease

Finally, some pests and disease can occasionally cause leaf drop. Therefore, you should always examine the leaves carefully for any signs of infestation or infection whenever your plant is losing its leaves.

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