This is the BEST way to UPCYCLE a Plastic Bottle in The Garden

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Whether you’re trying to keep your outdoor plants happy or you just want to keep the kids busy in the yard, if you don’t have a sprinkler that’ll water a large area at once, all you need is a plastic soda bottle, some tape, and your garden hose.

You’ll Need:

  • Two Liter Plastic Bottle
  • Electric Tape
  • A Garden Hose
  • A Screwdriver

Steps to Follow to Make A Homemade Sprinkler 1. Clean The Bottle

Rinse the soda plastic bottle thoroughly under running water until it’s clean. You don’t need to dry the bottle.

2. Make Holes

Once done with cleaning, make 12-14 holes in the bottle using a screwdriver or any sharp tip tool. These holes will allow water to come out as it does in a sprinkler.

3. Attach the Hose

After making the holes, join the top of the bottle with the hose and use electric tape to hold it in place.

Or Make an Outdoor Shower

Instead of putting it on the ground, try to hang it from a higher place to let the water drip as a shower. You can also make holes in the bottom of the bottle to get more shower like the stream of water.

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