Top 10 Stylish Succulents for Your Home Garden

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Due to the busy lifestyle of many people, many people are living on the fast pace and low-maintenance plants are becoming more and more popular. For this reason, many people decide for succulents instead of plants that require a lot of care. So, if you are considering to add these little beauties in your home, we have made a list of the top 10 succulents for you indoor garden, so go ahead and check it out below.

1. Golden Sedum ()

What makes this species special is the fact that they change color. They will turn brighter orange if you expose them to sun which is why they are perfect to plant along blue and silver colored flowers. Beautiful aren’t they?

2. Hen and Chicks ()

These amazing cuties are very well known among many people as they can grow well in almost all homes, both indoors and outdoors. Their ability to thrive on any condition and the fact that even poor soil and a tiny container is enough to grow them makes them an amazing addition to your garden!


You will never mistake if you choose aloe vera. Having aloe vera is so beneficial not only for your health, and you can really use it all of it. As with any succulent, watering should be minimal during the colder months while in summer just soak your soil and let it dry before watering it again. It is also recommended to choose wide containers.

4. Burro’s Tail ()

One of the most beautiful plants you’ve seen, right? All you need to know if you want to grow this beautiful succulent is that it needs gritty soil, good drainage, sunshine and protection from extreme cold temperatures.

5. Zebra Plant ()

You will fall in love with this one instantly. It will not only hypnotize you with its patterned leaves with leathery surface, or with the small simple white flowers it produces, but it will also be the easiest plant you’ve ever grown. You should keep it inside during the winter, and be careful with excess water, and that’s it!

6.  ‘Lady Aquarius’

Another stunning succulent that is easy to maintain. You can grow this beautiful succulent even if you are a beginner gardener. To keep your plant happy place it in full sun and make sure it has good drainage.

7. Jade Plant ()

These all-green succulents need full sun and a well-draining soil. They can tolerate low light and require very little watering. To propagate them, just do rooting a cutting of the stem or leaves.

8. Flaming Katy ()

This succulent can come in variety of colors, including orange pink, red, or white.It will bloom in winter which makes it even more wanted in every home garden. This attractive plant needs very little watering, and it is low-maintenance succulent that will thrive perfectly in full sun!

9. Queen Victoria Agave ()

Agave are one of the most popular succulents due to their rosette shape, drought resistance and low maintenance in general. They can grow the size of a soccer ball with time.

10. Black Rose ( ‘Zwartkop’)

Black rose is a very popular succulents among gardeners, and it is again another low-maintenance succulents, perfect for your home. In winter bright yellow flowers contrast with the dark foliage. Make sure you provide full sun and well-drained soil to achieve the best results.

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