Top 20 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made With PVC Pipes

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Do you know that you can use PVC pipes in your garden?

Not only PVC pipes are sturdy, waterproof, and cheap, but they are the perfect material for homemade DIY garden projects. Even if you are not good at DIY, you can still drill, cut, paint and glue these pipes very easily. If you love gardening creating these PVC pipes will make your process easier and you will have lots of fun.

Whether you have a passion for landscaping or farming, we are sure you will be surprised of these PVC pipe projects for your garden. Let’s take a look at them:

1. PVC pipe for coiled hose storage.

2. Build a hand-held seeder to let you stand up to plant beans and corn.

3. PVC watering grid will help you become more efficient in watering the garden.

4. It is a clever way to store your garden tools.

5. Set up a strawberry tower in your backyard.

6. Build a multipurpose raised bed protective cover.

7. Planters made from plastic PVC tubes and mosaic tiles.

8. Tomato Trellis makes your tomato growing experience a bit more easier and interesting.

9. Build a cheap chicken feeder from PVC pipes.

10. This towel rack is great for outdoor shower.

11. Deep pot irrigation uses an open-ended PVC pipe placed next to a planted seedling.

12. Use PVC pipe to build a maintenance free Birdhouse.

13. DIY backyard sunshade will block the sun for your kids when they play outdoors.

14. Don’t want to have to go up on a ladder to clean your rain gutter drain?

15. Go for PVC fencing.

16. DIY vertical PVC planter.

17. Use PVC pipes to create a living canopy.

18. Garden and yard tool rack made with pipes.

19. Construct a trellis and then hang potted plants on it.

20. Spray paint a pvc pipe silver and then cover it in the dot stickers to make this cute outdoor solar lamp.

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