Top 21 Easy and Attractive DIY Projects Using Bamboo

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Decorating with natural elements is always a good idea. Bamboo is known for its green, strong, lightweight and amazingly renewable feature. It gives an exotic look wherever you place it.

More and more people decide to decorate both their outdoor and indoor space using bamboo.

Making a bamboo project is pretty simple and cheap. Anyone can craft their own home using natural material. Therefore, give these ideas a look and consider trying some out to make your home more beautiful and green.

1. Natural, strong and easy planters you should try.

2. Plant trellis can be a great garden decoration.

3. Create an artwork on a garden gate.

4. This gutter is green and cheaper, but is less durable than conventional gutters.

6. These tall and lush screens are perfect to create privacy in your yard.

7. How about these sweet outdoor lighting?

8. Create a chic privacy screen for your outdoor shower.

9. Paint them any color you want and turn them to hanging planters.

10. Build a simple garden bench.

11. Choose them as beautiful and rustic decoration for bathroom wall.

12. Stunning suspended garden will capture every guest’s attention.

13. Make a photo frame from this eco-friendly material.

14. Pallets and bamboo are perfect materials to build your courtyard gate.

15. A simple blanket ladder for your bathroom.

16. You can use them in a cascading fountain.

17. Make a garden teepee to grow pole beans.

18. Side rainlings with rope can be an awesome garden or yard landscape.

19. Bird house or feeder can be so luxury.

20. Headboard made from two wooden sticks and some bamboo poles.

21. Fencing not only makes you get privacy, it also be an outdoor landscape.

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