Turn Your Balcony Into a Paradise With These 8 Fruit Trees In Pots!

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Fruit trees beautify our home and give us plenty of goodies. Plus, they can flourish in pots as long as you grow then on a dwarfing rootstock. For goof pollination make sure there are enough trees because one cannot always suffice.

This doesn’t apply for peaches, apricots, and cherry trees because most of their varieties are self-fertile. On the other hand, pears and apples need a second tree.


You can grow apple trees on a dwarfing rootstock as a bush or as an espalier. Some apples that can be grown are: Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp, and these will pollinate one another.


The fruit of pears can be damaged by late frosts because they usually flower early. If they bloom in frost, cover the branches using fleece. You can grow Moonglow, Bartlett, and Doyenne du Comice on a dwarfing rootstock as a bush, or as an espalier, cordon, U, or double U shaped cordon.


In case you have problems with birds attaking your cherries, install bird netting over your tree. You should expect amazing blossoms and lots of delicious fruit. You can grow it agains a warm wall, or on dwarfing rootstock as a bush. You can try with Morello, or Stella variety.


These trees deliver heavy crops. Some varieties are self-fertile so you will need just a little bit pruning during summer time. To ensure your tree will give fruit year after year, thin out developing plums during the midsummer, making 2-inch distance between them.


Figs’s roots prefer to be confined. For cooler climates tie sleeves of plastic bubble wrap loosely around the baby fruits and protect them. For air circulation, leave the sleeves open ended. In fall, remove fruits that are larger than peas. To make sure that only four leaves stay per shot you should pinch out the growing shoots of the fig tree at the beginning of summer.

Plant your fig tree in a soil-based mix in a 19-inch diameter pot. Keep it in a sunny area and regularly water it. Add organic fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Peaches and Apricots

These trees are dormant during winter and blossom in early spring. For that reason their flowers can be damaged by frost. You should move your tree inside if it blooms during a frost. Or, you can cover the tree with horticultural fleece.

Pixie-cot or Pixzee is a great variety of apricots, while the tasty Bonanza is a dwarf variety of peaches.

Calamondin orange

The flowers of calamondin orange tree are giving amazing fragrant, and the fruits can be eaten raw. You can make marmalade out of it, or include it in your cooking. This citrus tree can live through the winter indoors.

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