Using Coke In The Garden? It's True! Coke Is Amazing For Pest Control, Killing Slugs and More

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We use Coca Cola in our everyday lives, whether as a daily tasty beverage, or something else.

Coke can be used to clean the spark plugs and car engine, it can successfully clean your toilet and tiles, it can clean coins and jewelry, and even relieve the sting of a jellyfish! It seems Coke can be used on near everything, doesn’t it? Well, how about some Coke uses in your garden? Keep reading and learn some of the most amazing and helpful Coke uses in the garden.

Using Coke in the Garden, Really!

John Pemberton, a Confederate colones was wounded during the Civil War and became addicted to morphine in order to alleviate his pain. He started searching for an alternative pain reliever, which was the moment of his invention of Coca Cola. He claimed that Coke can cure any number of ailments, such as his morphine addiction. The rest is history. Coke started its use as a health tonic, but there might be some beneficial uses for Coke in the garden too, right?

Does Coke Kill Slugs?

As it seems so, coke in the garden is nothing new to some gardeners. Some of them poison their slugs and some drive them to drink by luring them with beer. And what about Coca Cola? Can it kill the annoying slugs?

Apparently, it can, because the sugars this soda contains can entice the slugs. Just fill a bowl of Coca Cola and set it in the garden overnight. Coke is attractive to slugs, but there is a chance it can be enticing to other insects too. It seems like this is true, so you can build a Coca Cola wasp trap the same way you did for the slug trap. Fill a low bowl, or even a cup open Coke can with cola. Again, the wasps will be attracted to the sweet nectar! Again, they’ll die by drowning in the acid. There are reports that Coca Cola can kill ants and cockroaches. In India, people use Coke as a pesticide. Well, it’s much cheaper than commercial pesticides.

Coke and Compost

Coke and compost, hmm? It’s true. The sugars in Coke attract the microorganisms needed to jump start the breaking down process, while the acids in the drink assist. Coke really does boost the composting process. And, the last item to use Coke for in the garden. Try using Coke in the garden for your acid-loving plants like: Foxglove Astilbe Bergenia Azaleas It is said that pouring Coke into the garden soil around these plants will reduce the soil pH.

Hmm, sounds weird? Yet, it is completely true. The sugars in Coca Cola attract the microorganisms in order to jump start the breaking down, while the acids assist in the process. Coke can really boost the composting process. And, you can try using Coke for your acid-loving plants as well. It is a fact, that pouring Coke into the garden soil around these plants will reduce the soil pH.

Sounds interesting? Well, you will never know, if you never try!

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