Want a Better Harvest Next Year? 10 Habits For a Successful Garden

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It’s no secret gardening can take quite some time. Bu time is not something gardeners have to spare.

Check out this list of 10 most common habits for the best garden and learn what you could be doing differently.

1. Plan, plan, plan!

Do you know that the most successful gardeners spend more time planning their garden than they do preparing and planting it? And they do it for a good reason. Knowing which areas of your yard get the most sun and which tend to hold water can have a significant impact on your garden’s overall success. Things to figure out well ahead of planting time include: garden location, garden bed design, soil amendments needed, what seeds you want to self-sow, what starters you want to purchase, what you want to plant where, what plants make good companions, crop rotation schedule, etc.

2. Compost.

Feeding your soil well is one of the most important things you can do to improve your garden’s success. If at all possible, make your own compost. If space is an issue, look into vermiculture (composting with worms). It’s easy to start and can be done indoors. If you aren’t really interested in making your own compost, find a good quality source of compost from somewhere else.

3. Mulch.

From water retention, to erosion control, to weed suppression, to adding organic matter back to the soil, mulch is one thing many successful gardeners can’t do without. Some of the best organic mulch options include well-chopped grass clippings, shredded leaves, and shredded straw.

4. Water in the morning, and only when needed.

Successful gardeners don’t like wasting resources, or time. Instead of watering on a set schedule, just check the soil surface each time you’re in the garden. When the top couple of inches of soil are dry, water. But, water in the morning.

5. Observe your garden daily.

This is the best way to catch issues early.  For instance, do a daily walk in your garden and observe your plants and flowers. A few minutes a day making sure your garden is well cared for can go a long way to keeping pests, diseases, and noxious weeds at bay.

6. Rotate your crops.

Successful gardeners know that soil health is key to garden success. And rotating your crops helps to keep your soil well balanced in nutrients.

7. Only plant what you’ll use.

We understand that it feels enthusiastic once you read all those catalogs. But, if you don’t eat tomatoes, don’t order three different heirloom varieties to try. You’ll have a much more satisfying experience if what you grow and harvest goes to use, and not to waste.

8. So, plant only what you’ll use, but plant MORE than you’ll need.

Planting more than you need (especially of the plants you love the most) will give you better chances of a consistent harvest. If you want to take it one step further, look into succession gardening, which just means sowing the seeds of one crop in succession, instead of all at once, and extending the overall harvest period of that crop. Green beans, summer squash, zucchini, and carrots are all great to sow in succession.


The best way to improve on your gardening success is to learn from previous seasons. But there’s no way you’ll be able to remember everything. So it’s a great idea to record as much as you can, especially in your first few years of gardening.

10. View failure as experience.

If you want to become a successful gardener, you have to give yourself some grace to experiment and fail, but still be persistent. The more experience you gain gardening yourself, the better gardener you will become. Sometimes, there is no other way. So, if next year’s crop is only mildly more bountiful than this year’s, consider it a success!

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