We Bet You Never Imagined How These 19 Foods Actually Grow

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We believe that it’s important for everyone to get to know what fruits and veggies look like as they are growing on the farm. For this reason we are about to show you 19 examples we bet you have never imagined how they grow.

Take a look at them below.

Brussel sprouts grow on giant stems

These look a whole lot different when first plucked from the ground, right?!

Artichokes are beautiful flowers in disguise

Makes you wonder what they are hiding under their leaves…

Kiwis grow on vines

Kiwi actually looks more like grapes when forming.

Cinnamon comes from tree bark

Peanuts actually look like peanuts

Cashews could be mistaken for apples

Believe it or not, cashews are more widely consumed than the nut itself in many parts of the world.

Growing capers resemble a hibiscus flower

Another beauty that looks like it belongs in a bouquet!

Cranberries are harvested from bogs

Pineapples grow from the bottom up

We don’t know what we pictured a growing pineapple to look like, but it certainly wasn’t this!

Black pepper resembles berries

These berries aren’t the type you want to have a bite or two.

Quinoa or red lavender?

Either way, won’t you just love to take a stroll in this beautiful field?

Almonds form in shells

Not a pistachio, no! Almonds are developing inside the shell!

Pinto beans grow in pods

Weird, huh? We are not used to seeing this every day.

Dates grow in massive clusters

Eggplants are actually classified as fruit

Were you aware of this? Mind-blown.

Sunflower seeds come from sunflowers

Jicama resembles a turnip

Alfalfa sprouts can be grown in jars

You have another reason to stock up on mason jars!


It’s hard to believe that America’s top 5 food  is produced from these yellow beauties!

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