Weird Ways To Use 21 Household Items In Your Garden

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Gardening can sometimes be an expensive hobby, however, there are lots of both money and time saving tricks that you can take advantage of. Actually, everyday household items, or trashcans can help you nurture your flowers and shrubs without having to spend a penny.

Take a look at these 21 household items that have a great number of uses in your garden:

1. Milk Cartons

Rinse your empty milk cartons with water and they’re ready. You can use them as upside down planters, as shield for delicate emerging shoots, as a seed starter or as a bird feeder.

If you need to dust diatomaceous earth around the garden in order to get rid of pests, poke a few holes in the cap of a dry milk carton and shake it to spread the powder. This trick works as a DIY watering can as well.

Then, turn the empty milk carton into a multi-purpose scoop for digging in soil or the compost heap.

2. Newspapers or Cardboard

In order to make an organic weed killer or natural mulch, use paper. Just lay newspapers around the base of your plants in order to smother weeds and encourage earthworm activity.

If you don’t have the time to dig up an area of grass, yet you want to have a new plant bed, simply use sheets of cardboard to smother the grass.

You can add newspapers to compost in order to remove unpleasant smells or fashioned into sustainable planting cups for starting seeds.

And, don’t worry about the possible toxins from the newspaper ink, since today most publishers use organic pigments such as soy.

3. Forks and Spoons

When you buy new cutlery, keep the old ones in a potting shed. You never know when they might be useful i the garden.

For instance, pests can be deterred from digging around plants, if you stick the forks (prong side up) among the flower beds; and you can turn spoons into vintage looking plant markers.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is the most commonly used item in your kitchen. Of course, it helps in the garden as well. You can use it to remove rust from gardening tools, or add some shine to dull plastic patio furniture. It can kill weeds on the sidewalk, and clean bird and butterfly feeders without having to use hazardous chemicals.

You can use vinegar to remove berry stains from your hands after harvesting too, or you can help cut flowers last longer by adding a spoonful of their water.

Take a look at these 12 Amazing Vinegar Uses In Garden.

5. Egg Cartons

Egg cartons make fantastic free, biodegradable seed starting containers.

6. Wine Bottles

You can transform wine bottles into a flower bed border or a bird feeder. Busy gardeners often struggle to water their plants, especially during the warmer months.

They can actually fashion automatic waterers out of empty bottles. Bottles can be used anywhere from containers to large beds, and they perfectly mach into the landscape.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda has really fantastic and creative uses both in your home and garden.

You can fight fungus by adding three tablespoons of baking soda to a gallon of warm water and spray on the affected plants once a week. Want to learn a few more tricks for baking soda in the garden? Learn these 7 Natural Uses For Baking Soda In The Garden.

8. Plastic Bags

Plastic shopping bags can take from 20 to 1,000 years to decompose. Did you know about this? This actually makes them an environmental nightmare, but it also meas they are quite durable gardening tools!

Re-use your plastic bags and keep insects away from fruit on trees, protect your shoes from mud, or shelter plants from frost, or make a disposable aprons to keep clothes away.

9. Stockings

Nylon stockings are perfect for tying tomato vines, tall or young trees to a stake. The durable fabric won’t injure the stem, but it will expand when the plant start thriving.

You can store onions or bulbs in old stockings as well. The fabric will make them stay fresh.

10. Pennies

If you have lots of old pennies or foreign coins around, you can use them in the garden. You should bury a few around the garden and they will keep the soil healthy and prevent infections on plants.

11. Essential Oils

Most people have some essential oils in their home. These distillations are useful for improving the health for people, but they can be very effective in improving the condition of plants and the entire garden as well.

12. Glass Jars

In your garden, you can use glass jars to make bird and butterfly feeders, planters, candles, herb gardens, wind chimes and more. It will also look amazing as outdoor dining centerpieces.

13. Coffee Grounds

Creative uses for coffee grounds outdoors include as an earthworm food, to kill microbes in the soil, to nourish acid-loving plants, as a general fertilizer or even to change the color of your hydrangeas!

Discover even more uses for these 10 Mind Blowing Reasons Why You should Use Coffee Grounds In your Garden

14. Aluminum Foil

Aluminium foil is 100% recyclable, but many programs won’t accept it since it is often covered in food waste. You can protect your fruit trees from birds by twisting strips of the foil around your branches. It will reflect light and make noise when it’s windy, so you will keep birds away.

You can also use small pieces of aluminium foil mixed into mulch and deter light-sensitive pests from your veggie patch.

You can stop deer from feeding on your plants, by wrapping the base of the greenery with aluminium foil up to waist height.

15. Spices

Spices such as: chili, cayenne pepper, Mexican, or Cajun blends are fantastic pesticides. Sprinkle the powder around your garden or mix it with some water and apply on the affected areas.

16. Shoes

Worn out shoes can make for brilliant bird feeders . Any sort of shoe also works as a quirky and stylish planter, whether old leather boots or new stilettos.

17. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has truly amazing and effective uses. It is magnesium-rich so it can relax the muscles, and it is beneficial both for the human’s health and plant’s health.

You should use Epsom salt in order to inhibit the growth of weeds in cracks and driveways, extend the life of cut flowers and scrub flowerpots. It can also improve seed germination, counter transplant shock, deter garden plants, and nourish tomatoes, peppers, or roses.

Never used Epsom salt before? Take a look at these 22 Uses For Epsom Salt. Why It Should be in Every Home & Garden

18. Tea

You can speed the compost breakdown and nourish rosebushes by using a strong brew. Just open used teabags and sprinkle the damp leaves around the base of the plants in order to fertilize soil, and keep mice and pests away.

19. Plastic Containers

Store small tools, plant markers and seed packets, by using plastic containers such as: old yogurt pots, ice-cream tubs and more. They can be used to start seedlings as well, or to make traps for slugs.

It is advisable not to grow food in plastic container, but if you do, have in mind to construct them of food grade plastics.

20. Egg Shells

Nutrient rich eggshells can be used in the garden to deter pests, to fertilize plants, to start seedlings, and for so much more. Learn more here.

21. Plastic Bottles

These nvironmentally unfriendly plastic soda and water bottles can be given a new lease of life outdoors. Use them to secure netting over flowerbeds, to trap mosquitoes, as bird feeders or even individual greenhouses. Want to learn some more plastic bottles uses? Click here.

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