What Your Favorite Houseplant Says About You

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Have you heard about the saying “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”? This is true, and it especially goes for houseplants, as sometimes your houseplants reflect the bigger part of your personality. Keep reading to find out.

1. Ficus

People who stick to what they know. You buy the same shade of lipstick every time you finish one, you will always watch only one more episode of Seinfeld, and you know that if it’s not broke, you don’t fix it.

2. Begonia

You are a romantic, and hold to the idea that nothing is complete without a pop of color.

3. Monstera

You love dramatic entrance, you would love to won more leopard print than any of your friends.

4. Succulent

You are not a regular mom, but a cool one! You usually have your fingers on the Pinterest app, and you would like to know what the kids are into nowadays (plus you heard that you cannot kill these and this sealed the deal.)

5. Sedum

You are either a blogger, or you are obsessed with blogs. You love the flower-like succulents a little bit more, but you have to distinguish your brand a bit more, you know?

6. Aloe

For people who don’t know you, you might look prickly and standoffish, but those who know you appreciate the calming, soothing personality you have.

7. Fern

Your favorite TV show is Downton Abbey, you loved The Secret Garden when you were a kid, and always hoped you’d have one of your own one day.

8. Lemon Tree

You’ve been on a trip to Italy for your honeymoon and haven’t gotten the citrus tree-lined paths out of your mind. There were lemons as big as your head, guys!

9. Topiary

Your junk drawer is divided with mini bins, which are categorized by item, and actually junk-free. You have mastered the art of polished nails with that stay chip-free for one week. You also don’t go anywhere without your day planner.

10. Fake

You live by the mantra “perfect is the enemy of the good enough”. You usually fall in love with things just because they look pretty, and you are not ashamed. And you are usually busy, ok?

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