Why You Should Soak The Seeds Before Planting Them and How To Do It!

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your seeds when you soak them? The answer would be, because seeds are build to be abused! Nature is not kind to small seeds. Seeds have developed over millions of years with defenses to be able to survive harsh conditions. Nowadays, a seed is relatively pampered. When you soak your seeds before you plant them, you help them to break down the natural defenses against what is expects from Mother Nature, which then allows it to germinate better and faster. Moreover, the nature also gave these seeds an internal gauge to help them know when is the time for growth. For most seeds, moisture plays a huge role in alerting a seed to optimal grow times. Soak your seeds and you will automatically boost the moisture levels around the seeds. Some seeds contain germination inhibitors built to prevent the seed from germinating inside the fruit, and these should be leached away before a seed germinates. This process can actually take some time. However, when you soak your seeds, the process is easier and faster.

How to Soak Seed Before Planting

In order to soak seeds you need 2 things: water and seeds. Just take a small bowl and put water in it. Use hot tap water since this is the safest for seed soaking. After you fill your bowl with hot water, place the seeds in it and allow them to stay in the water as it cools down. There are some common question such as:

“How long should seeds be soaked?” “Can you over soak seeds?”

The answer is: Yes, you can over soak seeds. If you soak it too much the seed will drown. We recommend that you only soak it it 12 to 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours. There are some seeds that can survive longer soaking hours but you should do this only with specific instructions and recommendations. You can also improve the way your seeds react to soaking. For instance, large seeds or seeds with some hard coats can have benefits from scarification before soaking. You can do scarification through several methods, like: rubbing the seed on fine sand and paper, nicking the seed coat with a knife and even gently tapping the seed with a hammer to help crack the seed coat. After soaking, plant them as directed. Soaking will lead to happier and healthier plants faster.

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