Winter Gardening: Don’t Forget To Do This

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As winter puts its first steps, most gardens are left in shears and kicked back.

However, you can make winter a great period of preparation for the next growing season. Here are some tips on what you can do in winter.


This is the perfect time for you to check on your garden tools and give them some love. Oil your shears, loppers, scissors, pruners and any other tool, sharpen the blades too. If you have a sharp blade and a good working tools saves you a lot of time and damage it is possible you do while pruning.

Check on Bulbs and Seeds

Make sure to check bulbs and tubers frequently if you have any left over the winter. Do this, because even little changes in humidity can cause bulbs catch fungus or rot. This goes for seeds as well. Keep them in cool and fresh aired places in winter, and you will have them in the future.

Keep Up With Compost

If you have built a good compost, it will still be cooking. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside. Once the weather begins to warm, this compost pile will help you a lot. Have in mind to collect some kitchen scraps in a sealed container and mix them into the pile to provide good decay.


Don’t cut down your perennials. There are beneficial insects that actually spend the winter on your plants. Your garden will be a lot more vibrant place if you let your old perennials stay through winter.


Give attention to your houseplants as well. If there is dust, take it off and clean them with a damp cloth. If the leaves are sticky, check for scale insect. You can clean these with rubbing alcohol.


You will attract birds and insect as well, if you leave flower stalks. You can put important fat sources like peanut butter or suet from a piece of twine and put out a water bowl for your birds.


This is the best time for making arrangements and improvements plan for your garden. Think about what worked this year and what didn’t, and try to improve it or change it. Don’t face the same issues over again. Good plan will make a great difference when spring comes!

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